“Jackie Lee it’s almost Christmas!” Casey Lane said to me.

“I know, what am I getting this year?” I asked in doggie talk.

Casey Lane looked at me as if she knew what I just said, “Jackie Lee, it’s a surprise!” Casey told me.

“Wow!” I jumped up and down and chased my tail barking!

We were still stuck in Moses Lake with the lock down, but Christmas was going to happen this year anyway.

Casey Lane threw a snowball for me and I chased it. Darn what happened? It melted in my mouth! I woofed at the snow and Casey Lane threw another snowball and hit me. I loved it! I ran back to her and jumped on her to make more snowballs. This was fun. The other campers came out and joined us. Before I knew what was happening there was a bonfire and food being cooked.

What a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone one!

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