We traveled for about an hour, then the cart slowed down and we took a turn to the right up a bumpy dirt road. I peeked out again and saw a magnificent monastery tucked up into the mountains, it seemed like that was our destination. What were these people doing? Who where they really? After some time we made it to the top of the mountain, I was so happy to get somewhere so I could I could stretch my legs, and then we stopped in front of the gates. The old man got out and put a code into the panel, the gates opened to let us through. As we passed through the gates closed, I looked out and could see the valley below; we were so high that the clouds were closing in on us. We pulled up to a huge building; there was a covered walkway that attached the building and the monastery. Why were these people helping me, what was going happen now?

A man came over and spoke to the couple, the doors were opened and the horses and cart went through into the building. With the wagon stopped and the doors closed the old man got out and came back to speak to me.

“You can get out now, Ranger, it is safe here.” he said.

I climbed out of the back of the wagon and looked at him. He spoke English perfectly, a bit of an accent, but I understood him.

“You speak English,” I said, “where are we?”

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