Once upon a time there was a happy prince. He was always happy his whole life, he was sheltered from the world. One day he died, happy. The people loved him so they built a big statue of him. They put emeralds for his eyes, a green garnet on the top if his sword. He was covered in gold leaves. Then one day a little bird found shelter under the stone feet of the stone prince. All of a sudden the little bird woke up, the prince was talking to him. He asked the little bird to do him one favor. He said when he was alive he never knew of the suffering in the world. There was a woman with three children and they were starving, they had no heat. He asked the little bird to take the emerald to the woman. The little bird did this and returned for a good nights sleep. The next morning he said good bye to the prince, for winter was coming and he had to fly south. The prince asked him for one more favor. So the little bird listened, the prince asked him to take a sapphire from his eye and give to a homeless man, the little bird did this and then he knew what he must do. You know the rest of the story, until the stone prince was stripped bare the little bird worked for the prince. Then he flew back when all of the prince’s riches were given away to the poor and slept. He froze that night and died. You see he knew his mission on earth was to help the poor, he was the wings for the prince to do good work. Just like this little bird, Jesus has us to do his good work. Listen, ask what must be done and do it. That is the narrow path to Heaven. When you die God will ask you how much did you love? The author of this little tale is unknown to me. God bless everyone and have a good night.

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