“I was on a mission to find my father with some of his old military team. My father is Ranger Joe with Special Forces. Ron killed my mother when I was born and we thought my father was dead as well, because my father exposed him as the traitor he really is.  It turns out my dad’s alive and was being kept in a work camp in Ust-Kava. We found him and his partner, we were getting them out but Ron found us. Ron wants to kill me to get back at my father for betraying him to the United States. Several of our men died when Ron blew up our helicopter.  We managed to escape, but before reinforcements arrived, Ron caught up with us. I went with him so that my father and his friend, Sam, who is badly hurt, could get some help. Then I jumped from Ron’s copter, and that is how I met Katacha and Gregor, they hid me.” I took a breath.

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