I looked in the window and saw a man and woman sitting at the table talking to Grandma and Grandpa. They were sipping coffee and had a map out on the table. Pierre called my name startling me as he walked around the side if the house.


“What are you doing Ranger? I was out in the vineyard looking for you. Come inside and meet some people that have waited 18 years to meet you.”


“Are you kidding?” I asked. “Sixteen years! Why so long?”


“Come inside and you can ask them yourself.” Pierre said as he turned around walking back around the corner of the house out of my view. He was a small man, with a dark mustache, short hair, always wore jeans, cowboy boots and carried a big gun. He had been in my life forever.


I followed him into the house. As I walked through the door everyone stood up to great me. The man reached out to shake my hand.


“Hi, my name is Rick and this is my wife Jessie, it’s nice to meet you Ranger.” He gave me a firm handshake then let go and Jessie did the same. They were Americans with no accent. Rick was dressed like a soldier off duty in cameo pants; Jessie was small, thin and looked like she could handle herself, dressed in tan pants, a pink blouse and brown jacket.


“Nice to meet both of you as well,” I replied.


“Sit down dear, would you like some coffee or milk and cookies?” Grandma asked me walking over to the counter.

“I’ll take milk and cookies, please,” I answered making her smile.




Everyone sat down, I sat with my back to the counter, my grandparents on my left and company on my right, and I had a clear view of our vineyard and driveway.

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