Sophia looked up to see who knew her name and couldn’t believe her eyes!


“Richard! Where’s Jennie?” Sophia asked him. He was her brother-in-law that had disappeared with her sister in Egypt some time ago.

“She’s back at our tent, come on she won’t believe this.” he said excitedly taking her hand and pulling her in the direction of his tent.

“How did you get here?” Richard asked looking back at Sophia again. “Hi Kanani,” he said looking at her.

Hey, Richard nice seeing you. Kanani thumped her tail.

“I’d like to ask you the same thing,” Sophia answered.

“Here we are, we’ll exchange stories when we get Jennie’s attention.”

Then he stopped in front of a woman. Sophia couldn’t believe it was her big sister Jennie.

“Jennie, look what I brought you home,” he said.

“Now what did my handsome knight bring me?” she asked him playfully turning around.

Jennie screamed, dropped the dish of food she was preparing and ran over hugging Sophia so tight she didn’t think she could breathe. Kanani was jumping on Jennie trying to get her attention too.

“My Sophia, how did you get here? Where’s Leila?” she asked her.

“Leila is home in Luxembourg and Kanani and I are here by accident.” Sophia told her. “Sir Lamorak found me and I’m staying with him and his family. I’ve been here only a short time.”

“Well it’s amazing to find you here! Hi, Kanani you came with Sophia too I see. Good girl,” Jennie rubbed Kanani’s ears.

I like that!

“Sophia!” she heard her name and looked around. She saw Lamorak walking her way looking for her.

“I’m over here!” Sophia shouted loud enough for him to hear her over all the noise. Lamorack walked over to her.

“Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t make it back but I ran into my sister and brother-in-law. Let me introduce you.” Sophia said taking his hand and introducing him to her family.

“Does everyone time travel in your family?” he asked shaking their hands.

“No, just my family.” Sophia said laughing. She was thrilled to have her sister back into her life again.

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