Casey Lane rolled out of bed and just about hit the floor hard. The phone was ringing; it looked like it was in the middle of the night.  Jackie Lee, her German Shepherd Dog, had taken over her whole queen bed, covers and all. She groped for the phone.

“Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency,” she mumbled into the phone.

 “Yes yes, hello, my name is Father Anderson, I want to hire you and your dog to go find my granddaughter, she’s missing. I know where she is; but it’s awkward to explain over the phone. Can you fly to Luxembourg and meet me, and then I can explain.”  

Casey Lane turned on the light and looked at the clock, it was five a.m. time to get up soon anyway. She was listening with interest now. Jackie Lee was snoring and lying on his back. Really, he had to get up soon too.

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