“Duck Leila!” Sophie shouted out the window. “Give me your hand!” Sophie put her arm out as far as she could.

Leila turned towards Sophie, but a bandit grabbed her before Sophie could get a hold of her hand. He carried her off kicking and screaming!  Their driver was killed and fell beneath the wheels. Jennie was leaning out of the carriage screaming at the bandit riding off with Leila. Richard took off after him. Sophie climbed out the window and started going towards the front of the carriage. As she did this she glanced away to see Lamorak kill one bandit with a swift swipe of his sword and start chasing another. Just then her dress snagged on a low bush something as she exited out the window.

“Careful, Sophie,” Susan cried getting up to help her. She lost her balance and fell from the run-away carriage. Susan was screaming at her too, as she looked out of the window Sophie had just fallen out of.

Kanani was barking, Sophie, I’m here! Don’t worry I’ll come for you.

Kimo’s driver was wounded, but Kimo was able to stop their carriage. Lamorak saw what happened and caught up to the run-away carriage grabbing the frightened horses by their reins and bringing it to a controlled stop. Kanani jumped out the window and ran over to Sophie. She was still lying in the dirt totally shaken trying to sit up and unsnag her dress.

“Sophie,” yelled Lamorak jumping off of his horse and running over to her, “are you hurt?”

“I’m just sore and my dress is ripped,” she told him as he knelt down beside her.

“Can you stand up?” he asked her taking her hand.

“Yes, thank you.” she said.

Susan and Jennie jumped out of the carriage and ran towards her too. Kanani beat them though and she was licking Sophie’s face.

“Thank you girl,” Sophia said trying to get her to stop.  

I told you I would save you, Kanani was saying in doggie licks.

“Where’s Richard?” Sophia asked, finally succeeding in pushing her off.

“He chased the rider that grabbed Leila!” Shouted Jennie as she came up checking me out to make sure Sophia was ok.

“Here he comes now!” Jennie cried turning to run towards her husband. “Where is she?” Jennie cried.

“I almost had them and got ambushed by others hiding amongst the trees. I lost her Jennie! He cried out, he was so upset.

“What do we do?” Jennie asked Lamorak, “Do you know who they were? Where they might have gone?”

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