“Good grief Jackie Lee, we just got back from King Arthur’s court, chasing down a dragon and lost party. We are going to Montana and will discuss this later, right now we are stuck in Washington on the way to Spokane in a deadlock. Let me find out what is going on.” Casey Lane then turned on the radio and couldn’t believe what she heard. She turned and looked at Jackie Lee.
“We’ll be lucky to turn around and just head back to Friday Harbor. Washington State is under Martial Law!”


I don’t know what that means but it looks scary! Jackie Lee looked at Casey Lane with big eyes then put his head on her lap. She rubbed his head and ears.

“At least we have a nice motor home, I’m going to pull over to the side and we can make our way into Moses Lake. We’ll just have to wait it out.” Casey Lane said as she started the RV back up and followed the truck in front of her.


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