The Russian Spy

A Ranger Adventure







The woman reached over and sipped her water then lay back down in bed. Her baby was sleeping next to her; she reached over and traced her fingers over his beautiful face. She named him Ranger after her husband and his father. Big Ranger had gone on the mission without her, she was part of the team but stayed behind because of being ready to give birth. Something had gone wrong she felt it. Getting up she dressed and looking back at her baby slipped out the door and knocked on the door across the hall.

William, the old distinguished man that had lived through two world wars answered the door. He looked good for his age a bit stooped over but thin and still in good shape.

“Yes, Mary is there something wrong? Is it time to hide the baby?”

“I feel it is.”

“I will come over with you.” He walked out of his apartment and followed the beautiful young woman with dark hair pulled back into the hallway. There was a commotion outside of the building.

“Hurry,” Mary cried. She opened the door to her apartment and grabbed her baby and a bag; she turned and handed him to William. William grabbed the baby and bag running back to his place locking his door and hiding the baby in the bathroom.

Mary looked out the window. It was Ron part of her husband’s team. What was he doing here? There was a knock on her door.

“Mary, it’s Ron. I have some news open up.” He said.

She opened the door a crack. “Where’s Ranger?”

He pulled out a gun and shot her in the chest. She collapsed in front of the door pretending to pass out. It hurt so much and she was bleeding badly.

Ron shoved her aside and tore up the apartment. He went over and grabbed her.

“Where’s the baby? I’m going to find him!” He screamed shaking her. “I will look the rest of my life for him!”

She pretended to still be passed out, she would really be soon if she didn’t get help.

He threw her down went over to the stove, turned it on and threw a match on the gas then poured some gasoline all around the apartment and threw a match on that. Then he kicked her on the way out and left.

Mary had gotten very weak and could barely get herself up. Some strange man appeared and picked her up carrying her out of the apartment. William had called the police and fire department. A fireman took the dying woman and they immediately started working on her. William ran out of his apartment as the fireman entered to fight the gasoline fire consuming Mary’s apartment.

“Is there someone I can talk to?” He asked.

“Yes,” said a fireman, “you need to evacuate.”

“Let me grab the baby.” William went back in and picked up the baby that was just waking up. He took the child downstairs and outside. He explained all he knew to the Police Chief. Then they drove him to the hospital with the child.

When he got there Mary was critical but whispered, “I want to hold my son.”

The nurse took the baby and laid him in her weak arms.

She kissed his sweet head and died.


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