“Oh no,” I exclaimed. “This is just awful! First of all what did Grandpa mean” I know who I am. You know who I am, we’ve been friends for ten years. This doesn’t make any sense. Actually it’s a bit insane.” I looked at Susan in exasperation. I was getting myself upset.

         “I don’t know, it’s really weird, Sophia, but things always happen to you and you bounce out of it. This one just might top the other adventures though.” Susan was laughing.

         Her laughter was contagious and I started laughing as well.

         “Very funny. Ok, I am supposed to destroy this letter.  I don’t want to but I know I should.” I was trying to convince myself to destroy the letter.        

         “Can you help me remember the combination?” I asked Susan.

         “Yes I can, it’s 2012stradivariussophia. We need to go to the Eagle’s Nest in Austria, reading Psalm 107 first, then on to France. I don’t get what word in Psalm 107 we need to memorize tough, it’s a bit mysterious. ” She said.

         “Ok, I’m convinced you have the key components memorized, thank you.”

         With that I flung it into the fire. I was excited to tell John about this, but we needed to take care of ourselves at the moment.

         “Let me get some flashlights, it’s getting dark.” I walked over to the kitchen and opened a drawer, pulling out two flashlights. I turned them on.

         “They both work. Take these Susan while I find some votive candles.

         She walked over and took the flashlights while I grabbed four candles and some matches.

Then I joined her on the couch. Kanani curled up next to me.

         “Let’s sit here for a bit and talk, then I guess you should stay over tonight.” I said.

         “Yes, I don’t want to go home while the power is out.” Susan replied.

         “I have extra night clothes for you. I need to get my phone and try to call John.” I said getting up. Kanani followed me into the bedroom. I grabbed my phone and pulled out some night clothes for Susan then walked back out to the living room and sat on the couch.

         “Here’s some bed clothes.” I said handing them to her.

         “Thank you Sophie.” She said.

          I looked at my phone.

         “Oh no, there’s no reception and it needs charging.” I said.

         “Let me get my phone and try, Sophie.” Susan walked over to her coat and pulled out her phone. I don’t have any reception either. She stuck it in her pocket then walked back over and sat down.

         “I’m worried about that Rachael person. she’s the one that brought me the violin. Grandpa said in his letter that I would be in danger, you didn’t see anything else in this case did you Susan?” I asked her.

         “No, Sophia, you went through it really well and then you destroyed the letter, so you are ok.” She said getting up from the couch.

         “Well let’s clean up and get ready for bed, come on Kanani, outside one more time tonight,” I said walking over to the door letting her out.

         “Whew, is it still nasty out!” I told Susan.

         “I know, its dark out too, no moon,” She replied.

         I let Kanani back in and we all went to bed. I tossed and turned thinking about that letter and what it could mean to me, actually to all of us. I wished John was here or we were all back in Hawaii.

          Woof! Woof! Kanani barked as she jumped off of my bed. It woke me with a start. I reached for my lamp but there was still no power, so I grabbed my flashlight.

         Woof! Woof! Woof!  This is serious Sophie, let me out there! Kanani kept barking and trying to open the bedroom door.

         She must have heard Susan getting up to use the bathroom. I opened up the door and Kanani rushed out growling and barking.

         “Susan? Is that you?” I called out, there was no answer.

         It was cold in the living room and wind was coming in from somewhere.

         “Who’s there?” I shouted.  There was still no answer, all I heard was some scuffling.

         Kanani bit someone! I heard a scream! Someone bolted out the front door with her running after them.

         I ran to the door and almost slipped on something. I looked down, Kanani had ripped a big chunk out of some ones raincoat. I ran outside and called out, “Kanani, let him go, come back, now!”

         She turned around, thank goodness, and came back into the house. I shoved the piece of clothing out of the way and tried to push the door closed. The wind was so strong I couldn’t shut it.

         “Sophia? “What’s happening?” Susan came running out of her room.

         “Please help me shut this door. Someone broke in here tonight, Kanani bit them and he went out screaming.”

         She came running over and with her help we got the door closed, then I moved the flashlight all around the room.

          “The violin is gone!” I yelled running over to the table.

“Someone is on to us!” I exclaimed. “Grandpa was right, we are in danger now!”
























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