The next morning Lamorak was up before Sophia and had taken Kanani out for a walk. Sophia was up and dressed in the only dress not shredded when he came back.

“Good Morning Sophia, how are you this morning?”

“I’m fine and ready to go to Camelot how are you?” Sophia asked going over and hugging Kanani.

“Me too, my mother found some more dresses for you, so we are all packed. Here is something for you to eat,” He said placing a tray of cheese and crackers on Sophia’s bed. “Kanani and I already ate. You don’t have much in here to take, but let me help you after you eat.”

“Thank you,” She said sitting down and taking a bite.

When She was full he helped her pack, they left the room and Lamorak loaded her things into the carriage.

“You are riding with my Mother and Cundrie, then Bryn and Afawen will be in the carriage behind you. Don’t give Cundrie any information. She is a witch or thinks she is, I think she had something to do with ransacking your room last night.  She is on to you somehow and it enrages her not knowing how you got here.” Lamorak warned Sophia.

“I will be sweet and careful,” She told him with a grin and wink, then mounted the steps to the carriage with Kanani on her heels.

It was exciting looking out the window watching the horses ahead of them, then looking back seeing Lamorak, Perceval and Accalon in full armor riding their horses dressed in Camelot colors.

Yglais was knitting and Cundrie was staring out the window not paying any attention to either of them. Sophia hoped it stayed like that. Finally Yglais started talking to Sophia not looking up from her project.

“Lady Sophia, we can talk about the school now that we have some time. There are many children of different ages around us with no one to give them proper instruction. What will you need to get started?” Yglais asked her. The night before they had discussed opening a school.

“Well I need something to write on to teach them the alphabet and then how to read.  For the younger children I have a more hands on way of teaching.” Sophia answered her.

“Cundrie you can get something for Sophia to start teaching, I want you to be VERY helpful to her and not give her any grief.” Stated Yglais sternly looking up in Cundrie’s direction.

“Hmm,” said Cundrie looking up at her. I apologize I was daydreaming and didn’t hear what you two were talking about. Would you mind repeating the conversation?”

Yglais shook her head in disgust and repeated what they had just discussed.

“I’m sure I can find all of the supplies you need. I’ll work on it at Camelot,” She said then looked back out the window.

Sophia wondered if Cundrie was thinking about her phone and how to find out where She was from.  Arriving at Camelot their carriages stopped, looking out Sophia saw they had a vacant place to camp.

“Sophia, you and Kanani can wander around, but be back in hour. The men will put up tents, I’ve been told Camelot is too full and we’ll have to camp out here. So we will unpack and settle in after the tents are ready. Have fun,” Yglais told her.

“I will, thank you,” Sophia told her standing up and jumping out with Kanani.

“You stick by my side, Kanani.” Sophia realized a leash was not an option here. She didn’t want to do anything to draw attention herself.

She was amazed at all of the people, the food being put out, tents being raised and people, kids everywhere. Before she knew it her hour was up.

“Darn, I’m going to be late we had better start back, Nani.” She turned around quickly and bummed into a Knight. UMPH!

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.” She told him gathering her composure.

“Sophia!” Exclaimed the Knight.

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