“Sophie!” Susan scream as Sophia disappeared into the opening of the cave.

“Kanani no! Come back don’t follow!” Leila screamed. It was too late; Kanani had already followed Sophia through the portal.

It was dark for Sophia going through but; before she knew it she hit the ground and lost her balance.  She didn’t know what had happened to her so she looked around. She was on the ground beside a dirt road; across the road to her right was what looked like an English Pub.

She thought to herself, “Did I just go through time?” As she started picking herself up off of the ground she was knocked down again, because Kanani just ran into her.

“Kanani, I’m glad to see you too and that you love me so much. Can you get off of me, please?” She begged her German Shepherd as she struggled to shove her off to the side.

Kanani didn’t listen, she started licking Sophia’s face then jumped back and forth over her.  Then all of a sudden she stopped and started barking. Sophia looked up, a big black stallion was coming towards them on the road. As the horse got closer she could see the rider was a man dressed in chain armor. He dismounted his stallion and Sophia could see that he was in his late twenties like herself; he had brown hair and was about six feet tall with a muscular build and the most beautiful blue eyes.

“Stop barking Kanani,” Sophia told her German Shepherd as the Knight started speaking to her.

“Good day Madam, are you alright?”

Yes, yes, I think so, thank you for stopping to ask.” Sophia stuttered as she continued looking around and wondering where they were. It looked a lot like Cornwall, but less inhabited.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Sophia and this is Kanani, we were exploring caves with my friends and ended up here.  May I ask who you are and where am I?”

“Yes, my Lady it is the year of our Lord, 1180, you are in the County of Devon and I am Sir Lamorak de Gales. I am a Knight of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court.

“May I pet your animal, Lady?” He asked without waiting for an answer from me, bending over to pet Kanani. I was so glad she didn’t bite him.

“If she lets you pet her it’s ok with me,” Sophia rattled off.

“I’ve never seen a dog like this and I have never seen anyone dressed like you.” He finished looking at Sophia with curiosity.

Her heart was beating so fast she was sure he could hear it. “Was I really dressed in black leggings, a t-shirt, tennis shoes and talking to a handsome knight in armor that belonged to King Arthur’s Court?” Sophia muttered to herself.

“My dog is an Alsatian,” She thought about it and chose her words carefully. She figured telling him that Kanani was a German Shepherd would concern him.

“Where are you from?” He asked looking at her more intensely.

“I’m from Luxembourg in year of our Lord 2013,” she blurted out.

“What? Did you come here on purpose?” He looked amazed.

“No, I’m lost and really want to go home now!” She was unsure of herself and looked back at the rock she and Kanani apparently came through. The portal was not visible to her now though.

He followed her gaze and apparently saw nothing but a rock either.

“We can not get you home at this moment. You must come back to my Castle, I am not going to let a beautiful young lady and dog stand here all night for thieves to rob and kill.”

“Your Castle? I don’t have anything proper to put on for a castle visit,” She looked down at what she had on again.

“I’m sure my mother can find something your size, even though you are so thin.” He said jestingly then bent over and gently took her hand and kissed it.

“Wow, I’ll follow you anywhere.” Sophia was thinking with a lump in her throat. She was still wondering how she would get back home. She felt a bit of dread in the pit of her stomach as he led her away.

“Will you remember where you found us?” She asked a bit pleadingly.

“Yes, I will.” He turned to look at Sophia, “It’s almost dark, we must hurry.”

Sophia grabbed her pack and took Kanani’s leash snapping it on her collar. He walked leading his horse behind them.

“Would Susan and Leila get Kimo and come find us? Oh, I shouldn’t have listened to Leila and I should have stayed home working on Grandpa’s notes in my library in Luxembourg.” Sophia was choking back tears. She was having a hard time letting go since John, her husband, had been killed six months ago.

“What is that you have on your dog?” He interrupted Sophia’s self pity.

“It’s called a leash, I don’t think it’s invented yet.”

“No, it isn’t, I have a lot of questions for you. Don’t worry. Everything will be ok my Lady.”

“I hope so,” Sophia answered down cast.

As they advanced Sophia looked around, the countryside was green with rolling hills, she decided to try and enjoy her predicament since she was on this adventure whether she wanted to be or not.

“I don’t have anything to worry about. Susan and Kimo will take care of Leila and the house in Luxembourg. It was so beautiful here and looked very different from how I remembered it when growing up and coming here on summer vacations with my Grandma and Grandpa. The farms and roads were gone, it was untouched. Being summer, the weather was nice and Kanani didn’t seem upset by our recent experience. So I might as well enjoy my adventure. It would be something else to write about when I got home.” Sophia was telling herself.

After walking for about an hour Lamorak pointed at a castle and said with pride in his voice, “There’s my castle.”

“Wow, it’s gorgeous!” Sophia was getting excited forgetting her predicament. She was a bit anxious to meet his family though.

“She has been in my family many years. When my father was slain in battle it became mine, which was five years ago. I now take care of my mother, Lady Yglais.” He looked thoughtful.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to know where you have come from, at least not today. My mother will wonder if she sees the way you are dressed. I will put you into a spare bedchamber right away then go find her.  I will mention I met you but not tell her where you came from.”

He was still talking but he lost Sophia’s attention because they had just entered the most magnificent castle she had ever seen!

Following him to the stables he handed his horse over to a Page. The Page looked at Sophia with suspicion, but didn’t say anything.

“Oh, he gives me the chills with his stare Sir Lamorak.”

“Come lets get you into the castle.”

He pushed her gently in front of him to leave the stable. Then she followed Lamorak into the main hall of the castle.  She tried looking around at everything without tripping but had a hard time because he was moving her rapidly to her room. They got to their destination; he opened up the doors and gently pushed her inside. She looked around at the beautiful room; there was a bed, washstand and a window looking out over the moors.

“This is where you and Kanani can stay, make yourself comfortable and I will have some dresses and underclothing brought in for you, my lady. Don’t be frightened, are you?”

“Not so much frightened as concerned if I will be accepted, then there’s that little thing about how long I’ll be here.” She pinched herself, yep, she was awake this was not a dream. He saw her pinching herself.

“I don’t understand how you got here, but everything will be ok. I am pleased that I was the one that found you. This will put some excitement into our lives,” He said with a bid of glee in his voice, and then he grinned turning around to walk out the door. He stopped remembering something, turned around and said; “I will escort you to dinner in two hours.”


Then he closed the door and disappeared.

“Didn’t he think I was going to try and get back home?” She said to Kanani as she took off the backpack and looked inside to see what Susan had loaded into it that morning. She found the phone Grandpa had given her for the planned trip through time back in Egypt. She was going to go and try to find her sister and brother -in -law. Jennie had disappeared over a year ago while on an excavation trip with her husband and Leila. Leila had stayed behind in the camp that morning. They never returned to her. That’s how Leila had come to live in Luxembourg under Sophia’s care. Grandpa had told her this phone worked for time travel; well she was going to give it a test after getting cleaned up, she felt and looked grubby and dirty. She walked over to the basin of water and washed her face then looked into the mirror sighing. Of course she had no makeup in her pack. She was going to miss a lot of things. A knock at the door startled her.

“Come in.”

The door opened and a young maid walked in carrying ten gowns, then another one followed her carrying more clothes. They were gorgeous gowns; Sophia couldn’t believe it!

“Look at those dresses I am so thankful, I don’t know what to say except thank you.”

“You are very welcome Lady,” said the first maid. “I will hang them up in the closet; do you need anything else or help with anything my Lady?”

“Yes, I need to know what to wear to dinner tonight and I need some face stuff to make me pretty.”

“Afawen,” she pointed to the other girl,  “put some makeup over there for you by the basin, if you need other colors let me know. There is also some lotion with it, would you like some hot water to be brought in for a bath?”

“I would love that so much!” Exclaimed Sophia.

“Ok, my name is Bryn and we will be back soon,” but instead of leaving she walked over to the hanging gowns and pulled one out. “This blue one would look very nice on you tonight.” She said holding it up for inspection.

It was the most gorgeous blue gown Sophia had ever seen. “Thank you. That one will do fine. It’s nice to meet you Bryn. My  name is Sophie.”

“Your welcome, I will be here to assist you for your stay. Then she giggled, looking down at Kanani. May I pet her? She’s so pretty.”

“Yes, let me introduce you to Kanani.” Sophia walked over and knelt down by her dog, then invited Bryn to come over and pet her.

“Thank you my Lady,” then she stood up. “I’ll be back with your hot water very soon.” She turned and walked out of the room.

“What an endearing young lady.” Sophia  said and then sighed, “This might be fun I’m going to try and call Grandpa.”

Sophia knew that Susan and Leila were probably frantic that she and Kanani had disappeared.

Picking up the phone she dialed the number Grandpa had given her. It rang only once to her great relief.  She heard his voice on the other end of it.

“Hello. Sophie is this you my dear?”

“Hi Grandpa. Yes it’s me and I want you to know that I am ok and it’s so nice to hear your voice!”

“Susan and Kimo called telling me about your disappearance right after it happened. They were very upset, but I calmed them down. We’ll figure out how to get you home. What year did you land in sweetheart?”

“I landed in 1180 and I’m staying at Sir Lamorack de Gales castle in Devon, England. He is a knight in King Arthur’s court, can you Google him Grandpa, and let me know whatever you can find out about him?” She pleaded.

“Yes, dear I can do that for you. Are they treating you like the princess you are to me?” The warmth in his voice quieted her.

“Yes, Grandpa they are; I have ten beautiful gowns hanging in my wardrobe! Lamorak acts like I’m here to stay forever!”

“Well, sweetheart this is good for you to have a little adventure. I want you to start living again after your heartache of losing John,” He told her endearingly.

“I know Grandpa, but this is strange, oh, someone is knocking on my door; I’ll call you back tomorrow. Please let everyone know I’m ok. I love you Grandpa.”

“Ok, sweetheart I will and I love you too,” then he hung up.

Sophia tossed the phone in her pack and hurried over to open the door.  The castle attendants were carrying her bath water, soap and anything else she needed. They filled the tub and as they were leaving Bryn walked in.

“Well it looks in place, my Lady. Can I be of help with your bath or helping you dress?”

“Yes, could you come back in thirty minutes and help me with the dress? I would be grateful.”

“Yes I can, now enjoy your hot bath my Lady and I will be back soon.” Bryn left closing the door behind her.

“I will,” Shouted Sophia after her.

It looked like a lovely bath, Sophia peeled off her dirty t-shirt and leggings throwing them into a corner of the room. Then she stepped into the hot inviting bath. It felt good on her aching muscles and she relaxed. Not having much time, Lamorak would be back soon and so would Bryn, she got out and dried off. Put on her underthings and was just slipping the dress on as there was a knock on the door.

“Bryn, is that you?”

“Yes, my lady. May I come in now?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m ready for you.”

She entered and asked, “How was your bath?”

“Fantastic! It picked up my spirit and I needed that.”

“Good,” She helped button up the dress and apply face color. When we all done she looked at her.

“You look lovely, my Lady. Yes, you will do.”

“Really? Thank you so much!” Sophia gave her a hug, it made  Bryn blush.

“I will make sure Kanani is fed, what does she eat?” Bryn asked.

“She can eat meat and she needs drinking water. I would really appreciate that, thank you.” Sophia said.

“Your welcome, I’ll be back after you go to dinner and take care of her.”

“Thank you again Bryn,” then she left. Sophia hugged Kanani, she just cocked her and gave Sophia a look.

“We’re going to be ok, sweetie. Bryn will come back with your food and take you out for potty. I love you Nani!” Sophia buried her face into Kanani’s neck.

Then there was a knock on the door, letting go of Kanani Sophia walked over and opened it up. Handsome Sir Lamorak was standing there!

“Good evening,” Sophia said, “do you like how I look now?” She asked him twirling around.

Then she really looked at him, he was so handsome in his blue linen shirt and black pants. The blue shirt brought out the blue of his eyes. Oh, she could fall for him.

“You are very beautiful my Lady,” he replied, “I am honored to escort you to dinner.” Then he stuck out his arm to Sophie take hold of. She looked back at Kanani and told her to be a good girl and that she would be back soon. Sophia was really nervous.

They walked into the dining room. Everyone was already seated.

“Mother, I would like to introduce you to Lady Sophia of Luxembourg,” Lamorak stepped back to show off Sophia and introduce her to his mother.

She was shocked he called her that, how was she going to pull this one off.

“Very nice to meet you Lady Yglais,” She said with a courtesy.

“It’s very nice to meet you as well, let me introduce you to everyone, my dear.” Lady Yglais continued. She pointed as she spoke,  “The man to my left is my other son, Perceval; next to him is Accalon and then his wife Cundrie. Accalon is my nephew and both he and his wife are staying here with us for the time being. Why don’t you sit here next to me on my right, dear.” She patted the seat next to her.

“Hello, it’s nice to met all of you,” Sophia said, then turned to Yglais, Lamorak’s mother, “I am honored to sit next to you my Lady, thank you.”

Then she sat down and made it through dinner without any mishaps. Stories were told about the quests the Knights had been on. Then she heard about how King Arthur had called everyone into his Kingdom for a festival starting tomorrow.  Cundrie talked about what clothes to pack, then Yglais said that everyone should get up early because the wagons needed to be packed up. Yglais told Sophia she was invited to go with them. Yglais asked Sophia if she loved children. Sophia told her yes, that she wanted to open a school someday. Yglais thought that was a great idea. Sophia didn’t mean for her to think she was opening one here! They talked about that for a while. Then after dinner was over the Page, Iago came in and gestured for Cundrie to talk to him. Sophia wondered about that.

Lamorak and his mother walked Sophia back to her room talking about what she needed to take for the trip to Camelot.

Sophia opened the door to her room, turned to say goodnight and thanked both of them for the lovely evening.

“I’ll see you early in the morning, goodnight kind sir.”

“Good night Lady Yglais, thank you for your hospitality.”

“Good night my Lady,” Lamorak and his mother both said, then they turned to walk away.

Sophia closed the door and screamed!!!!


They heard her scream and Lamorak and ran back to Sophia’s room. He thrust the door open and grabbed ahold of Sophia.  Looking around he saw what She was so upset about.

“Who did this?” Sophia cried, running over to her backpack. She started throwing everything out; “My phone was missing!!!! All of my lovely dresses had been slashed, but that was nothing compared to losing my phone.” Sophia was devastated.

“I have a pretty good idea,” said Lamorak angrily.

Bryn walked in with Kanani. Kanani ran over and jumped up on Sophia crying.

“What happened? We were just here half an hour ago! This is horrible! Let me go get some help and we will get this cleaned up for you, my Lady.” Then she ran out of the room.

“Thank you,” Sophia called after her. She then went to sit on her bed. She was upset.

“Now I was really out of touch with my world!” She thought.

After everything was cleaned up, Lamorak insisted on coming back and sleeping outside her door that night to keep her safe. He reminded her that they were going to Camelot tomorrow so rest was needed for the long journey.

“If I could just survive until that time, I would be happy.” Sophia thought.

She slept fitfully, tossing and turning. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Maybe when she woke up she would be back home in her own bed. Perhaps this was a bad dream.

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