Sophia was watching Gunther and Merlin disappear from site. She wasn’t paying attention to Kanani barking when she was attacked from the air! A big ugly black dragon grabbed Sophia and another one snatched Kanani. Sophia started screaming while Kanani was barking and struggling.

Merlin left the dragons to use his eyepiece to check on Sophia and Kanani. He saw what happened and was horrified.

            Merlin raced back to Gunther and shouted to all of the Dragons that he saw a black dragon grab Sophia and another one grab Kanani. They needed to go get them now!

            “Ok, boys lets go kick some black dragons around and save our friends! Gunther you stay back with baby Fafnir and Merlin!” Drake shouted as they took off to save them.

            “I’m not staying here, hop on Merlin. Fafnir stay with your mom.” With that Gunther and Merlin took off behind the big white dragons.

            Drake reached the dragon holding Sophia and attached him from above. When that happened Sophia was let go so the black dragon could fight back. Sophia plunged to the ground but was saved by some brush and the fact that the black dragon was not too far airborne yet. Then another white dragon attacked the one holding Kanani. She dropped down next to Sophia.  Sophia grabbed her and they ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction. Then they saw Gunther.

            “Sophie and Kanani, I’m coming for you!” Shouted Gunther.

            He landed and they climbed onto him. Merlin helped Sophia get on Gunther and then helped Kanani. As they took off they looked at the battle, the white dragons were winning. They landed and the women dragons gathered around inquiring for our well being. They couldn’t believe what we had been through and neither could Sophia. If they only knew what she and Kanani had been through they would have been truly amazed. Sophia was wondering why she was here again. Thinking perhaps her thinking had been a bit off when she decided to come back in time the second time. 

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