“Sophie!” I heard Susan scream as I disappeared into the opening of the cave.

“Kanani no come back, don’t follow!” I heard Leila scream, then everything went dark.

                  I hit the ground and rolled.  I didn’t know what just happened to me. I looked around, I was beside a dirt road, to the right and across the road was a pub. It looked like an English Pub. Did I really go through time? I was getting up when Kanani landed on me, knocking me down again.

      “Kanani, I’m glad to see you and that you love me, can you get off of me, please?” I asked my German Shepherd as I tried to shove her to the side. She licked my face and then started jumping back and forth over me.  I heard a horse approaching and looked up. It was a big black stallion with a man riding it dressed in armor.  He got closer and I could see he was in his early thirties or late twenties; he had brown hair and wore chain armor.

      “Stop barking Kanani” I said getting up for the second time and dusted myself off.  The Knight was in front of me now, he dismounted his horse and approached us. He was at least six feet tall and muscular, his blue eyes just stared at me.

      Then he spoke, “Are you alright Madam?”

      “Yes, I think so, thank you for stopping to ask.” I looked around wondering where I was. It looked a lot like Cornwall but less inhabited.

      “Who are you?” He asked looking at me.

      “I’m Sophia and this is Kanani, we were exploring caves with my friends and ended up here.  Who are you and where are we now?” I asked.

      “It’s the year of our Lord, 1180, you are in the County of Devon and I am Sir Lamorak de Gales. I am a Knight of the Round Table in King Arthur’s Court.

He looked at Kanani and bent over to pet her.

      “May I pet your animal, Lady?” He asked without waiting for an answer from me, bending over to pet Kanani. I was so glad she didn’t bite him.

      “If she lets you pet her it’s ok with me,” I rattled off.

      “I’ve never seen a dog like this and I have never seen anyone dressed like you.” He finished looking at me with curiosity.

My heart was beating so fast I was sure he could hear it. Was I really dressed in black leggings, a t-shirt, tennis shoes and talking to a handsome knight in armor that belonged to King Arthur’s Court?

      “Yes, you can pet her, I’m not from this century. My dog is an Alsatian,” I said choosing my words carefully. Knowing that telling him she was a German Shepherd would concern him.

      “Where are you from?” He asked looking at more intensely.

      “Luxembourg and the year 2013,” I stuttered.

      “Did you come here on purpose?” He wanted to know looking amazed.

      “No, I’m lost and want to go home now!” I told him a little unsure of myself. Then I looked back and saw the rock I apparently came through. The portal was not visible to me.

He followed my gaze and apparently saw nothing but a rock either.

 “We can not get you home at this moment. You must come back to my Castle, I am not going to let a beautiful young lady and dog stand here all night for thieves to rob and kill.”

“Your Castle? I don’t have anything proper to put on for a castle visit,” I said looking down at my clothes.

“Oh I’m sure my mother can find something your size, even though you are so thin.” He said jestingly then bent over and gently took my hand kissing it.

Wow, I’ll follow you anywhere. I thought with my heart in my throat.  I was still wondering how I would get back home. I felt a bit of dread in the pit of my stomach as I looked behind me leaving my security behind.

“Will you remember where you found us?” I asked him.

“Yes, I will,” he turned to look at me, “it’s almost dark, we must hurry.” 

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