A big ugly smelly four-foot troll came stomping into camp. Lamorak pulled out his sword and swung at him. Perceval jumped up out of a light sleep and got behind him. The troll turned to face Perceval, and Lamorak swung his sword slashing his right arm. The troll screamed and grabbed his hurt arm turning to glare at Lamorak. Perceval used this opportunity to finish him off. Then there came two more trolls looking like the first one wanting to kill the men. This battle went on for an hour, when it was finished they were exhausted.  At least they were all alive; the trolls had all been killed. The camp was a disaster, so they decided to pick up what they could and leave right away. It was now early evening and they arrived in Saint Andrews, they decided to rest up and eat. Tomorrow would be another long day, but they should be safe tonight. There were people around and a small village. They would be able to get some supplies that they had lost last night and stock up for the rest of the journey.

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