Gunther decided to take a swim. He jumped into the pool of water under the waterfalls. Kanani jumped in after and swam circles around Gunther as he splashed in the water. I was laughing so hard I doubled over holding my stomach. This at least was some relief from the stress of waiting for the rest of our team to find us. This went on for a while then I saw Merlin come walking back from his daily watchtower. Every day Merlin walked back to the place Gunther took us when fleeing from the enemy. He climbed that same tree and watched to see if he could see any signs of Lamorak and the others. It was no different today; he looked so disheartened it made me feel bad.

         “Hi Merlin, still no sign of anyone?”

         “No Sophia, nothing. I think we should talk about taking off tomorrow and having Gunther fly us to our destination. It will take a lot longer for anyone to ride a horse or walk there, so we will have plenty of time to look for Gunther’s family. What do you think?” Merlin asked me.

         “I think it’s a good plan, Merlin. Maybe we just missed them because they didn’t come this way through the woods.”

         “True, so we need to take off in the morning. It looks like Gunther and Kanani are having a lot of fun. They deserve it.”

         “I agree Merlin. Come sit down next to me and talk. We can start dinner soon.”

         “Ok.” With that Merlin sat down next to me so we could plan our next move.

         The next morning we gathered our supplies and climbed onto Gunther.

         “Gunther let’s fly back a bit and over the road to see if we can find anyone in our party.” Said Merlin.

         “Ok, I can do that, is everyone ready?” Asked Gunther.

         “Yes, Kanani and I are all ready, Merlin is aboard too, so lets go Gunther.” I said.

         “Ready for take off, Gunther is going,” he said.

         He flew us back to the edge of the forest; we searched the ground under us and saw no one. Then he flew over the dirt road quite a ways and still we saw nothing. Then he turned and flew over the forest so we would be protected and headed for Scotland. That night we got into what we now know as Ayr; on the western border of Scotland. It was beautiful! We found a cave to sleep in. Merlin got us some food then camped that night with no fire. We didn’t want to attract any attention to ourselves. I was so happy we had not encountered any enemies. Then in the middle of the night we heard noises.

         “Shh,” said Merlin as he got up and crept out towards the cave entrance. He motioned for me to come to him. There were Trolls walking through area!


17,700 words, I had better keep going!

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