Chapter 20

Casey Lane rolled out of bed and just about hit the floor hard. The phone was ringing, it was the middle of the night and Jackie Lee her GSD had taken over her whole queen bed, covers and all. She groped for the phone.

“Casey Lane and Jackie Lee GSD Detective Agency,” She mumbled into the phone.

Yes yes, hello, my name is Father Anderson, I want to hire you and your dog to go find my grand daughter, she is missing. I know where she is; but it’s awkward to explain over the phone. Can you fly to Luxembourg and meet me, and then I can explain.”

Casey lane turned on the light and looked at the clock, it was 5 am, time to get up soon anyway. She was listening with interest now. Jackie Lee was snoring and lying on his back. Really, he had to get up soon too.

“Well, we can fly to Luxembourg and meet you but I can’t promise we will accept the assignment.” She told him.

“I will have tickets for you at Sea Tec, can you go tonight?” He asked her.

Whew, tonight she thought!

“Umm, we just finished a big assignment so we could catch a flight out tonight. Will you pick us up?” She asked him.

“Yes, I will be there to get you.” He replied.

“Ok, let me call and make a reservation.” She told him.

“It’s already done, you leave at 8 pm tonight on Lufthansa. Have a safe flight and thank you.” He answered and hung up.

Casey looked at the dead phone in her hand. What was this all about? She put the phone down thinking about all she had to do.

“Jackie Lee, up and atom kid,” she said leaning over the bed giving him morning rubs.

“Arrrr,” He mumbled smiling at her with his big white teeth.

“You’re a character Jackie Lee, let’s go.” She said with a smirk.

They hit South Beach for a bit of exercise and by noon they were home and packed. Casey Lane notified her boyfriend of sorts that they would be out of town, to please keep an eye on her house. He was a State Trooper so she wasn’t sure where he was right now. He wouldn’t be happy she had left without saying goodbye, so that’s why she called him. Jackie Lee was wearing his doggie armor suit, Casey Lane had her suitcase packed very lightly and they caught the ferry from Friday Harbor, Washington, that’s where Jackie and Casey lived, to drive down to the airport in Seattle and wait for their flight.

The airline was very accommodating to Jackie Lee; he got a seat next to Casey Lane in first class.

“It was very nice of Mr. Anderson or Father Anderson to pay for our fare overseas.” Casey said to Jackie Lee.  Everyone one the flight thought Jackie Lee was so adorable; Casey did too.

They were greeted at the airport without a wait and driven to a beautiful estate. Father Anderson told Casey this was Sophia’s house, used to be his until he joined a monastery.

They walked in and Casey Lane was stunned at the very beauty of the place, off white marble floors in the entryway, a huge chandelier hanging overhead. There seemed to be many rooms, but were shown into the kitchen.

“This is where you and Jackie Lee can stay tonight, I have prepared a dinner for us and thought we could talk about my proposal during that time. Then if you agree, I will take you to the destination tomorrow, does that sound good to you?” Asked Father Anderson.

“Yes, yes, could I just take Jackie Lee out for a quick walk?” Casey Lane asked him.

“Perfect idea, then I will have dinner ready when you get back. What does Jackie Lee eat?” Asked Father Anderson.

“I have his food packed in dry ice, thank you for reminding me. I need to get it in the fridge right away.  Then we will go out Jackie Lee,” she looked at her dog; he was giving her big eyes when she mentioned his food. He got up and wagged his tail, then pawed her.

“In a minute, let me get your food unpacked. Go get your leash!” She told him. With that he trotted off to the front door and came back with the leash she had left there as they entered the house.

Everything was accomplished, Jackie Lee had his walk and dinner; he was now lying down at her feet. They were eating and Casey Lane was listening in disbelief at the tale of Sophie and Kanani.

“Well, what do you think? Would you go and take a look, then get back to me? My older grand daughter, Jennie is very worried about them. I think my great grand daughter went with Sophia and Kanani as well as Lamorack and Merlin, something must have happened or we would have heard from them by now. They have been gone 9 weeks!” He looked very worried indeed.

“I will go over and meet with Jennie, then see if I can be of any help. I don’t know much about finding dragons, I don’t even believe they ever really existed and I don’t believe I can go back in time. However, if this is true, Jackie Lee needs to stay here with you until I return. I don’t feel comfortable with him going through time. Is that a deal?” She asked.

Getting up to shake her hand Father Anderson said, “That is a deal, Jackie Lee will have to come back to the monastery with me and stay there until you return. Just tell me how to care for him and feed him. I will be anxious to hear your report. I will call Jennie now so she can meet you tomorrow when you arrive.” He got up and walked into another room.

Casey Lane scratched her dog on the head, “I don’t believe any of this Jackie Lee, but he seems like a sane person. You be a really good boy, ok?” I didn’t expect an answer, but he gave her a high five. Man was she going to miss him.

“Ok, it’s all set for tomorrow. We will leave here around 7am if that’s ok with you?” He asked.

“Yes, that’s fine. Where should Jackie Lee and I sleep tonight? I would like a shower too and I need to repack a smaller bag to take with me.” She added.

“Follow me, you can have this guest room, there’s a tub and shower attached to the room and fresh towels.” He said as Casey Lee got up from the table and followed him to a room off of the kitchen.

“Thank you and good night,” She said as he walked away.

“Thank you too,” he said turning around to look at her, “good night.”

With that they were alone. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into and why would anyone leave this beautiful house to go to the middle Ages? Strange! She needed sleep. Pretty soon Jackie Lee was snoring away next to her. If she hadn’t been so tired she would not have fallen asleep so fast.

Morning came all to fast, Jackie Lee was left in the car or no one could have stopped him from coming with her on her journey. She cried when they hugged goodbye.

She was talking to Father Anderson and before she knew it, she had stepped through an opening. Darkness flashed all around her, she was all-alone; it went by very fast, then she landed hard on the ground. She looked around and saw a carriage coming her way.

“I sure hope they were coming for me,” she said to herself. “Unbelievable, the old man was telling me the truth!”


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