Lamorack heard me screaming and came running back, he threw the door open and grabbed me. Looking around he saw what I was so upset about.

      “Who did this?” I cried, running over to my backpack. I scrambled and throwing everything out! There was no phone! It had been taken! All of my lovely dresses had been slashed!

      “I have a pretty good idea,” said Lamorack angrily.

      Bryn walked in with Kanani. Kanani ran over jumping on me and crying.

      “What happened? We were just here half an hour ago! This is horrible! Let me go get some help and we will get this cleaned up for you, my Lady.” Then she ran out of the room.

      “Thank you,” I called after her sitting on my bed. I was upset about the phone, now I was really out of touch with my world!

      Everything was cleaned up and Lamorack insisted on coming back and sleeping on a cot that he had them bring into the room. He informed me that he had to be in Camelot tomorrow and I needed to go with him.  If I could just survive until that time, I would be happy.

      I slept fitfully, tossing and turning. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Maybe when I woke up I’d be back home in my own bed.






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